Heidenheim says "thank you"!

Civic engagement in Heidenheim enriches the social and cultural life of the city and opens opportunities for participation and active contribution to the citizens. The City of Heidenheim supports voluntary civic engagement and uncovers outstanding individual achievements by various forms of public acknowledgement.
(From: Charta of voluntary engagement in Heidenheim)
The City of Heidenheim acknowledges and supports voluntary engagement of their citizens in various ways:
"Heidenheim says 'thank you'!" gathers all fields of activity for individual people, groups or organizations and thus offers a wide variety of civic engagement activities.

Citizens' Reception (Bürgerempfang)

Volunteers worthy of particular merit are honoured at the annual Bürgerempfang (Citizens' Reception) of the City of Heidenheim according to different categories of civic engagement. Would you like to propose somebody for this special municipal form of acknowledgement? Please submit your candidate until the 15th of October 2015. A committee of representatives of municipal policy, churches, associations and citizens elects the volunteers receiving the honour.

"Engagement is invaluable!"

About 12,000 people are involved in voluntary activity in Heidenheim. They co-shape our city and contribute to her distinctive design. In order to thank our volunteers, the City of Heidenheim and her many partners have invented special forms of acknowledgement for both, individual people or groups.
Do you know somebody who deserves a real "thank you" for her or his civic engagement? Propose this volunteer for our special forms of acknowledgement!


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