Public bookcase

Since the Literary Days of the State of Baden-Württemberg, there has been a popular public bookcase in the foyer of the Guildhall. The colourful design of the bookcase corresponds exactly to the design of our new municipal website and is as interactive as the website: You can put and take books into and from the bookcase, as well as exchange or even keep them.

Please play by the rules of the public bookcase, so that everyone can enjoy this useful piece of furniture:

  • Everyone can take books without bringing them back.
  • The bookcase is no alternative disposal method for waste paper: Badly damaged or completely outdated books shouldn't be put into the bookcase.
  • Don't leave your books lying around anywhere, please put them into the shelves of the bookcase.
  • Don't leave either trashy literature or propaganda literature in the public bookcase.
  • The public bookcase can be accessed during the regular opening hours of the Guildhall.


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