Building & Living

A nice apartment is a good basis for a new life in Heidenheim. You can enjoy time for yourself or with your family there as well as draw strength for a new day. Offers for new apartments can be found every Wednesday and Saturday in the Heidenheimer Zeitung (our local newspaper) or online:

If you are a student or if you are only looking for a room, you can take a room in a shared apartment and establish new contacts there.

Important information for tenants

Always sign a written tenancy agreement. If your renter demands any tenancy security deposits, the amount has to be invested as a savings deposit. After the end of your tenancy you will normally receive your security tenancy deposits with interests. Read out your meter park for heating and electricity supply
together with your renter when you move in. Never turn off the heating system completely in winter, even if you do not stay in your home.

Please contact the Kreismieterverein for problems or further questions on renting.

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