Language Development according to the Heidenheim Model "Heidenheimer Modell"

Language is the crucial key to education and a door opener to society. Child day care centres run by churches or the City of Heidenheim are therefore essential to the development and promotion of language skills in addition to the promotion of language skills within the family setting. The comprehensive language development of the Heidenheim Model can be considered as a means to offer language development according to the age and individual level of development of the children in question.

Children learn with all their senses while dancing, painting, playing, searching and finding different concepts of the Heidenheim Model with their eyes, head, heart and hands.
The Heidenheim Model benefits from a wide range of local skills and expertise about language development. It also contributes to the closer interlinking of kindergarten and primary school. From their first day at the child day care centre, children benefit from specific language development supported by qualified professionals. The development is based both on lessons in large groups during the day as well as on individual training in small groups. Language development according to the Heidenheim Model pays attention to the HSL-directives for extracurricular homework, language assistance and learning aids as well as to the SPATZ-directives (language development in all day care centres for children with special requirements) for an intensive language development in kindergarten.

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