Zukunftsakademie (Future Academy)

The Zukunftakademie Heidenheim unifies under one roof the Junior Academy (talent promotion for pupils of secondary schools) and Hector's Children Academy (talent promotion for highly gifted children at primary schools and kindergartens).

The Zukunfsakademie focuses on reviving and promoting interest in the MINT subjects - maths, computer science, natural sciences and technology - in children and youths. Important aspects of the lessons include activity orientation, practical relevance, contact with the world of work and vocational orientation.

We offer individual extracurricular activities in the City and the County of Heidenheim and lessons for school classes (e. g. bionics, wind energy technology) at a research workshop called Rote Halle.

There, pupils get active, discover, work, experiment, research and take part in excursions. The activities aim at reviving interest in scientific and technical professions and contribute to meeting the needs for engineers, skilled workers, craftsmen and technicians required by industry, crafts and medium-sized enterprises of the region.
The research workshop Rote Halle in Heidenheim is the heart of the Zukunftsakademie. There are four workshops, two lecture rooms and offices in the Rote Halle.

The Zukunftsakademie is a local and regional offer particularly promoting the topics, ideas and interests of the companies, schools and universities situated in the County of Heidenheim and thus benefits from its many associate partners. The County and the City of Heidenheim cooperate closely in the interest of the Zukunftsakademie. Its supporting association is comprised of representatives of the City of Heidenheim, the County of Heidenheim, Industry, Economy and Science. They are responsible for the concept and orientation of the Zukunfsakademie and provide financial support, too.

Extracurricular talent promotion in the City and the County of Heidenheim is also offered at the House of young researchers (pre-primary education), at the young VHS (usually an Adult Education Centre, primary school) and at the MINT Academy of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Heidenheim (for pupils preparing for their studies of a MINT study program).

The managers Sabine Palinkas (headmistress of Bergschule Heidenheim) and Erich Ott (retired headmaster) are responsible for Hector's Children Academy. The general coordination of the Zukunftsakademie and the management of the Junior Academy are in the hands of Susanne Mayr.

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