Educational institutions

10,000 pupils and students visit one of our many and diverse educational institutions in Heidenheim. The excellent offer of general schools, specialized schools and university degrees is responsible for the qualified work force in Heidenheim.
It is not easy to keep an overview about the large offer of schools in Heidenheim.
To keep track, you can find a list of all schools here:

Heidenheim offers:

  • 10 primary schools
  • 1 remedial class at a primary school
  • 4 school kindergartens
  • 3 special schools
  • 2 secondary schools (Werkrealschule)
  • 1 comprehensive schools
  • 2 secondary modern schools
  • 5 general grammar schools
  • 3 vocational grammar schools
  • 8 private schools
  • 5 vocational schools

The local newspaper (Heidenheimer Zeitung) has compiled a survey about all secondary schools in Heidenheim.

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