Music School

"Music is for everyone" is the motto of the Music School of the City of Heidenheim. The Music School has developed a comprehensive and diverse musical educational programme in its 30 years of existence. The Music School wishes to reach as many people of all ages as possible. Qualified music pedagogues teach music for a wide range of people and aim to identify and support any musical giftedness in their pupils.

The range of musical courses covers parent-child-groups for two / three-years old children to a special preparation for Musical Studies. Learning various musical skills always includes their practical application, no matter whether you take private or group lessons, singing or instrument lessons, at the ensemble practice or at a music project at a general school. You will always benefit from performing music together, be it in a band, in an orchestra, in a choir, in an ensemble with adults or in a music circle for primary school pupils. 

An opportunity to perform in front of an audience can be found in one of the 60 annual events e. g. in front of your class at school or at the Children's Opera. The Music School particularly promotes young talents at schools, music associations, choirs etc.

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