Adult Education Centre (Volkshochschule)

It's rather thrilling ...

... to support lifelong learning for people of all ages and to develop suitable offers and framework conditions for this exciting process! This is exactly the task of the Adult Education Centre, whose self-image as a self-learning organisation is one of many necessary prerequisites for the success of its courses.

Since 2008, the Adult Education Centre regularly and systematically optimizes all processes in order to facilitate successful learning and to refine the most important training institution of the City of Heidenheim.  

The ongoing process is managed by a quality group, comprised of the management, members of staff, lectures and in particular participants. The result was examined according to  predetermined criteria and the Adult Education Centre received a certificate of quality valid for 3 years.
As a learning organisation, the Adult Education Centre doesn't rest on its laurels. On the contrary: the next optimization process has already been kicked off.
The Adult Education Centre offers courses as diverse as e. g. Arabic as a foreign language, computer courses for senior citizens, time management or self-management. Have a look at the current program, get inspired and book your course quick and easy online.

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