Technology Center Heidenheim (TZ)

Open to new ideas.

The Technology Center Heidenheim GmbH (TZ) is the start-up centre of Heidenheim, aiming to support you with the realisation of your business ideas.

"Open to new ideas" is our slogan and our mission! We are a municipal company providing premises for technology-oriented founders and business start-ups. If you want to start your own business and depend on an interesting network and new ideas, you'll succeed here! The companies in the TZ see themselves as a community, which is why we focus on communication and interaction between young business start-ups. You can work on your business ideas while constantly establishing your network. As a municipal company, the TZ has an excellent network to partners such as the promotion of economic development, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, local industrial companies and local financial institutes.

Promoting ideas.

An efficient exchange platform is required for ideas to become innovations. The TZ sets great store by its close communication and interaction with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Heidenheim (DHBW). Internal innovation discussions support idea-finding processes of business start-ups and can be another important step towards realising your business ideas. We also accompany your corporate development, provide contacts and support your funding projects. A number of interesting approaches such as the investment company and association P.E.G.A.S.U.S help us to promote your ideas.

Premises & service for innovations.

The infrastructure facilities provided by the Technology Center Heidenheim meet the requirements of innovative and technology-oriented enterprises. Office space from 18 m² is available on a rental basis.
A welcome package is given to freelancers and entrepreneurs before they found their business such as students and self-employed people.
Benefit from the shared infrastructure as a lessee at the Technology Center Heidenheim. Our seminar and conference room welcome new ideas. Our shared kitchen is the perfect place for a casual exchange of ideas. We facilitate the founding of your business by our service including:

    The central office desk is the heart of the Technology Center Heidenheim, providing e. g. a switchboard and a post and parcel service. Support and consultation is always available there.
    Event and conference rooms are constantly available for the lessees at the Technology Center Heidenheim. Book the required rooms free of charge and directly at the central office desk.
    Technical equipment such as projectors, flip charts, pin boards et cetera can easily be borrowed by our lessees.
    Safety is an important issue at the Technology Center Heidenheim, for our lessees work on innovative products around the clock. A security agency monitors the entrance area to the TZ.
    Enjoy a variety of warm and cold dishes and drinks at the cafeteria of the business park located only a 5-minutes-walk away from the TZ.
    As a lessee at the Technology Center Heidenheim, you can rent one of the 20 parking lots at a reasonable price. Moreover, there are free visitor parking lots for your clients and guests available.

Contact us

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