Specialists in East-Wuerttemberg

"Seen from New York City, Silicon Valley is also in the provinces." With the inventive slogan "Amazing East-Wuerttemberg", our region expresses its self-image as an attractive place of work and residence. There is more to East-Wuerttemberg and Heidenheim than its supposedly rural surroundings. We are situated between two strong metropolitan areas, Stuttgart and Munich.
The integrated specialists portal East-Wuerttemberg Fachkräfteportal Ostwürttemberg summarises the most important employers of the region advertising vacancies on their websites. This service helps regional companies to broaden their marketing and to address required specialists. You can join the specialists portal and become a part of the campagin "Amazing East-Wuerttemberg". You get functional cross-media tools for staff recruiting and HR marketing if you join our campaign.
Contact us, benefit from East-Wuerttemberg and surprise your staff with the opportunities of our region!

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