Activities & Projects

Our municipal promotion of economic development is responsible for several comprehensive projects such as:

Project "Nette Toilette" (Lavatories open to the public)

The City of Heidenheim has joined the project "Nette Toilette" in 2004 in order to solve a wide-spread problem. Public lavatories are generally sparse as well as costly to maintain in many municipalities. The concept of the project "Nette Toilette" means that shops in the centre of the city make their lavatories available to the public and receive a flat rate for the maintenance of their lavatories from the municipality in return. 

As of now, 190 municipalities in Germany and Switzerland have joined the project "Nette Toilette" and there are actually 21 participants in Heidenheim. Suitable breastfeeding and / or nappy-changing facilities as well as facilities for the special requirements of senior citizens can be found, too.

Flyers about the project are available at the participating shops or on the website.

Expert conference "Ingenia"

The WiRo mbh - Active Regional Economic Development and the City of Heidenheim organise the expert conference "Ingenia" as partners. Best practice examples demonstrate businesses of industry or handicrafts how to increase their innovativeness and how to set themselves apart from the competition.
The expert conference "Ingenia" targets people who develop ideas, initiate innovations and turn them in marketable products and services in their business.

For further information, go to:

Consumer show Kontakta

The regional consumer show has been organised by the Josef Werner Schmid GmbH for more than 26 years, thus having the longest exhibition experience in the region. Since 2011, the regional consumer show KONTAKTA alternates between the locations Heidenheim and Aalen, displaying the touristic and historico-cultural features of both cities and their respective districts, thus joining the region East-Wuerttemberg. Enjoy stimulating discussion with fellow experts at the KONTAKTA. The date of the next consumer show will be communicated in time.

For further information about the consumer shows, go to:

Christmas market and Winter Village in Heidenheim

Winter and pre-Christmas season in Heidenheim is fun for all the family, diverse, relaxed and surprising! Both the Christmas market (10. – 13. Dec.) and Winter Village (1 Nov. – 29. Dec.) are popular events in Heidenheim. The Christmas market takes place for four days in the street Hintere Gasse, exhibits regional products of arts and crafts and its visitors benefit from an additional artistic programme.

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