Major Companies in Heidenheim

The City of Heidenheim is characterised by its perceptible inventive spirit and its fascinating history of industrial development. You can really say that the inventive people of Heidenheim worked meticulously to promote their region's success. 

An astonishing amount of Swabian inventiveness has always been present in Heidenheim! Take Johann Matthäus Voith, for instance. He founded his international enterprise Voith here in 1825. Paul Hartmann, another local inventive entrepreneur, founded the company Paul Hartmann AG. For more details about the industrial development of Heidenheim, click here.

If you disregard major organizations such as the Clinical Centre Heidenheim, the Administration of the City of Heidenheim, the Administration of the District of Heidenheim, the Public Utility Company, the Kreissparkasse and the Volksbank, enterprises with more than 200 employees are exclusively industrial companies, providing most of the jobs in the region.

Other world-famous companies such as Margarete Steiff GmbH, Albert Ziegler GmbH & Co. KG, Bosch-Siemens Home Appliances and the Clinical Centre Heidenheim are also located in Heidenheim.

Major companies in Heidenheim:

Voith GmbH
International mechanical engineering enterprise working in the fields of paper machines, water turbines, driving units and air and ship technology.

Paul Hartmann AG
Major manufacturer of dressing materials, medical and hygienic products in Europe.

EPCOS, a company of the TDK Cooperation, develops, manufactures and distributes electronic components (capacitators), moduls and systems.

Carl Edelmann GmbH
Leading packaging manufacturer developing high quality board and paper packaging solutions.

Erhard GmbH & Co.KG TALIS Deutschland
Manufacturer of water valves in all size ranges, valves for the sewage sector and valves for large-scale industrial installations.

E. Schwenk KG
Cement industry

Carl Zeiss
The Carl Zeiss Foundation hat its seat in Heidenheim.

Clinical Centre Heidenheim
about 700 beds, 131 doctors and 1,500 employees

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