City management

The City of Heidenheim follows a strategic program for the development of the city centre, including its active location marketing. The follwing figures speak for themselves: In terms of the PoS sales index, the City of Heidenheim is at third place in Ostwuerttemberg with its indicator of 146 and therefore ahead of the City of Aalen with its indicator of 131,4. Heidenheim's centrality rating is also at 146, thus having the third-strongest attraction for retail trade in the region. 

Central activities of the city management are coordinated by the Heidenheimer Dienstleistungs- und Handelsverein 1838 (H.D.H.). The aim of this registered association is to promote retail trade in the city centre by city-wide activities and actions such as opening Sundays, shopping nights, motor shows, wedding fairs, outdoor and leisure days etc. The association plans, organises and presents these events by using its specific network. The association H. D. H. has become the main driving force and generator of inputs for the City of Heidenheim.

In addition to its cooperation with associations, the promotion of economic development is responsible for the so-called vacancy management. Due to the development of online trading and problems connected to demographic change and succession issues, competition in the retail sector has dramatically increased! Medium-level centres are changing all over the Federal Republic of Germany, which is why city management has to focus on the management of commercial property. We are in the process of developing concepts and strategies for this task in cooperation with the City of Heidenheim.

Please contact us if you plan concrete projects relevant to the retail sector or if you represent specialist retailers.

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