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Applying for a vehicle to be taken out of service

If you want to deregister your vehicle, you must apply for it to be taken out of service. This also applies to trailers.

Once you have deregistered the vehicle, you may no longer drive it on the road or park it in public areas.

If you do not have your vehicle scrapped, you can usually have the vehicle's licence plate reserved for later re-registration for up to one year.

Responsible department

locally competent vehicle registration authority



You can decommission your vehicle

  • if you intend to sell it,
  • if you are temporarily not using it or
  • if you have it scrapped.


You can submit the application in person or through your representative to the competent licensing authority.


There is no deadline.

Required documents

  • if available: completed application form
  • Registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document),
  • with list of trailers, if applicable
  • Licence plates
  • if applying on behalf of a representative: valid identification document of the representative applying for the vehicle to be deregistered on site. A power of attorney from the owner is required.

If the vehicle is scrapped, the following must also be submitted

  • Proof of realisation or
  • Declaration of whereabouts if the vehicle is being disposed of abroad
  • Registration certificate part II (vehicle registration document), if this has been issued


  • Administrative fee: EUR 2.10 for deregistering the vehicle via an i-KFZ portal
  • Administrative fee: EUR 15.90 for deregistration of the vehicle on site at the competent registration authority

Processing time

Processing usually takes place immediately.



Legal basis

Fahrzeugzulassungsverordnung (FZV)

  • § 16 (FZV) Absatz 1 Außerbetriebsetzung, Wiederzulassung
  • § 17 (FZV) Verwertungsnachweis

Anlage Gebührenordnung für Maßnahmen im Straßenverkehr (GebOSt) - Einzelnorm Ziffer 224

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