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Additional Information and Links

  • Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobilclub (ADAC)
    This is Germany's biggest automobile club. It offers a wide range of services (e.g. insurance packages and towing service) as well as all kinds of information about your vehicle, advice for driving abroad, tests and legal advice.

  • Automobilclub von Deutschland (AvD)
    This automobile club offers its members a comprehensive range of services. This includes towing service, legal advice, vehicle assessment up to insurance services.

  • Automobilclub von Europa (ACE)
    This automobile club not only offers breakdown assistance but also tourist information, a holiday booking service, technical, legal and medical support as well as the appropriate insurance for your vehicle.

  • Auto- und Reiseclub Deutschland (ARCD)
    This club offers its members insurance packages but also free of charge tour packages to help you better prepare your trip.

  • Landesverkehrswacht Baden-Württemberg e.V.
    The mission of this monitoring organisation is to promote traffic safety, to carry out safety training programmes and increase public awareness of safety-related issues, and to develop equipment to improve traffic safety.

  • Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD)
    This club is an environmental and consumer association which is working towards sustainable mobility for all road users. It offers its members environment-friendly motor insurance, car sharing and the VCD Mitfahrzentrale.

  • Bund gegen Alkohol und Drogen im Straßenverkehr (B.A.D.S.)
    This organisation aims to inform all road users about the dangers of driving when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This Internet page also provides information about the legal consequences of driving under the influence of drink or drugs – as well as current events and activities.

    The DEKRA automobile division carries out main inspections, vehicle tuning and type approval inspections, accident prevention research and crash tests.

  • Fahrzeug Sicherheitsprüfung GmbH & Co KG (FSP)
    FSP is an officially recognised monitoring organisation for motor vehicles, whose experts work throughout Germany.

  • Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung mbH (GTÜ)
    GTÜ is Germany's largest officially recognised monitoring organisation for freelance motor vehicle experts involved in technical vehicle inspections. Vehicle inspections are carried out at over 17,000 inspection centres at associated dealerships and garages and at GTÜ partner inspection centres.

  • Gib Acht im Verkehr
    The Koordinierungs- und Entwicklungsstelle der Verkehrsprävention Baden-Wuerttemberg offers a wide variety of useful tips and advice on the issue of traffic safety.

  • Kfz-Steuer für Pkw
    The German Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium für Finanzen – BMF) provides comprehensive information about vehicle tax in PDF format.

  • Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungsorganisation freiberuflicher Kfz-Sachverständiger (KÜS)
    This association is an officially recognised monitoring organisation which represents its members in economic and technical matters in the area of vehicle inspection and expert activities.

    TÜV SÜD is a leading technical service provider which has operations in the industrial, goods and traffic sectors. Its range of services includes consultancy, inspections, tests and expert opinions, well as certifications and training.

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