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Commercial premises

The following commercial areas are predominantly owned by the city and are very well connected to the regional and national transport network. If we don't have anything suitable for you in our offer, please contact us. An overview of other commercial spaces that are not owned by the city can be obtained directly from the economic development agency, where we will find the right property or the right property for you.

A detailed overview of the industrial areas in Heidenheim and East Wuerttemberg can be found in the industrial real estate database East Wuerttemberg under the following link:

industrial Estate Net area Expulsion of which buildable
Tieräcker (Heidenheim) 58.400 qm GE / SO 8.000 qm
The following commercial areas are intended for development Net area explusion of which buildable
Mittelfeld (Oggenhausen) 71.000 qm GE 30.000 qm
Bohnäcker (Mergelstetten) 160.000 qm GE / GI 125.000 qm

General data

Rate of assessment land tax A 320 %
land tax B 410 %
Business tax 360 %
Water price 1,92 € / cbm + 7% MWSt. = 2,05 €
slop 2,22 € / cbm
Rainwater 0,56 € / sqm
Wastewater contributions 7,70 € each sqm usable area
Land prices for commercial space developed between € 30 and € 110 / sqm


Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadt-Information
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