The geocaching hiking tours in Heidenheim have been developed and tested by a family, e. g. the municipal employee Thomas Pade, his wife Marion and his daughters Lea.
The geocaching hiking tours lead geocachers along hidden containers, so-called multicaches from station to station. Every cache will disclose a letter of the solution. If you find the coordinates of all locations and the solution, you will get a small reward at the Tourist Information Centre.

Geocaching is just another kind of paperchase, but treasure hunters need a GPS receiver to be able to locate the caches. If you have found one station, you have to find out the location of the next station according to certain details. Geocaching is an educational fun experience, especially for families.

The acronym GPS means "Global Positioning System" and is based on space-based navigational techniques, used by the US Military to provide worldwide location and time information. GPS is also used for civil purposes nowadays: in aviation, seafaring, surveying, as a navigation system in a car or to facilitate leisure activities such as hiking, cycling or activities on the water.